dildo harnesses Best Fur Services in Rochester Minnesota

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We provide expert fur and shearling coat cleaning, regardless of where it was purchased. Winters can be harsh – salt, dust, dirt, stains and other destructive agents can get on your fur garment and must be gently removed. The cleaning processes we use will help preserve and extend your garment’s life span to give many years of use and enjoyment.


Every spring is the time to store and service your valuable fur garment. The Fur Information Council of America advises professional storage during summer months as the most important factor to extend the longevity of your fur. Keeping your fur garments at home, in a standard or even a cedar closet could be costly. Lasting unpleasant odors can result from improper storage, not to mention damage from insects, excessive heat, or extreme dryness or humidity. Our storage is secure and kept at a constant 50F / 50% humidity to maintain the right moisture levels in the leather. We make it easy to give your garment the best care it deserves!


Avoid costly replacement of complete pelts or sections by attending to any tears or small seam openings. A small seam opening in the fur lining may lead to a tear and the subsequent need for complete lining replacement. Any loose hooks or rings should be attended to, because if left untended they may put undue stress on the fur, which can lead to the tearing of pelts. You can be assured of the expertise at Exquisite Leather & Luggage to give you the proper advice on any repairs you may need.

Fur Services: 2011-2012 Price List

Fur garment (fur coat, stroller, jacket, or stole): $50
Fur accessories (headband, ear muffs, muff, hat, scarf, boa): $30

Regular fur garment (lining on the inside only): $60
Combination fur garment (fur + leather or fabric, etc.): $90
Accessories (fur only): $40
Accessories (fur + leather or fabric): $60

Each repair requires an individual estimate and will require the item to be cleaned as well.

For customers who store their fur garments with us, we need advance notice of your intentions to pick-up the garment. In order for us to best serve pick-up requests, we kindly ask that customers call the store at (507)289-6982 at least 5 business days prior to the desired date of pick-up.